Living at Sheridan

Sheridan house has 4 membership openings available immediately.

We’re also be open to subletters for short-term stays under six months.

All residents pay $550 per month. $100 of this goes to shared food and the rest pays for rent, supplies and utilities. We have washers and dryers on the premises, wi-fi throughout the building, bathrooms and showers on every floor, as well as personal sinks in every room.

Membership is for one year, minimum. When members cannot fulfill the remainder of their lease, they are responsible for finding a PEWTOPPer (subletter), who sublets for the remainder of that member’s lease year.

Sheridan House is an intentional community, sustained and governed by its members. This means that house decisions are achieved through group consensus. It also means that each member is expected to devote at least four hours a week to the upkeep of the house. This work commitment consists of one hour of chores and three hours either cooking for the house, managing finances or some other house function. Additionally, each member is expected to attend weekly house meetings which usually last a few hours.

In order to live at Sheridan house each potential member or PEWTOPPer (subletter) must complete the following steps:

  1. Fill out our application
  2. Attend a weekly potluck in order to meet our members
  3. Stay at the house for a couple nights
  4. Attend a house meeting
  5. Attend an interview with the current members of the house

If you are interested in applying but one of these criteria cannot be met, please let us know and we may be able to make special accommodations.

Families, people of color, and folks of LGBTQ orientation are all encouraged to apply.

Click here to apply to live at Sheridan.